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Google Analytics Training Videos

Google Analytics for Beginners Website audience reports overview How to set up Goals in Google Analytics How to track a marketing campaign Tracking campaigns with Google URL Builder Traffic acquisition reports overview Google Analytics for Beginners Wrap-Up How to use Google Analytics with AdWords How to create a measurement plan Categorizing data into usersRead More »Google Analytics Training Videos

Favorite YouTube Channels

My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels I'm a big fan of YouTube. Fantastic resource for learning and general time wasting. I subscribe to many YouTube channels but these are my current favorites. There is a trend with them in that most are technical. As soon as any of these producers publish a video I watchRead More »Favorite YouTube Channels
Google Crawl Spider

Website Content Audit Tips

Why should you worry about a website content audit? A website audit is typically done to make sure every resource you have on your website is setup correctly and efficiently. In the past you only had to worry about audits when you were moving your website but in today's world there are many reasons why youRead More »Website Content Audit Tips