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Malin to Mizen Cycle Training Schedule

Malin to Mizen Cycle Training Schedule. A look at my preparation leading up to the challenge

Malin to Mizen Cycle Training Schedule

On June 03rd this year I completed the Mizen to Malin cycle in 23 hours 23 minutes. One of the most common questions I have received since then is what training schedule I used to prepare for the event. Main elements of my prep were plenty of group cycles.

I did not use a very detailed plan but I did make sure to complete a few long 200km+ cycles in the weeks leading up to the challenge. One of the key parts of my preparation was to complete 4000km of cycling between January and May.

As you can see from the image below this was the most distance covered for the first 5 months of the year since I started recording my cycling statistics.

malin to mizen cycle training schedule distance covered

Based on my own experiences I would recommend that you do between 600km to 800km per month of cycling in the 5 months leading up to your Mizen to Malin challenge. Include at least a 100km+ cycle each week for the first 2 months and then increase up to a 160km+ cycle every week for months 3 and 4.

During the month of April, I completed a 220km+ cycle each week. I completed the Mizen to Malin challenge with 12 other club cyclists so it was easy to get out on long spins with other cyclists as we were all preparing for the challenge. It is important to scale back on the big cycles so you don’t burn out. Rest days are important too!

I stopped completing long cycles at the start of May as you can see in the image below. From there until the challenge date I did around 4 cycles per week but kept them all below 80km.

Training schedule in month leading up to Mizen to Malin cycle

One element that I did not include in my Malin to Mizen cycle training schedule was night cycles. I would recommend that you do this. Get used to cycling in the dark with other cyclists. Gives you a chance to test your bike lights too.

If you need any information on what is needed to complete a Mizen Head to Malin Head cycle, drop a comment below or contact me via this website.