My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels

I’m a big fan of YouTube. Fantastic resource for learning and general time wasting. I subscribe to many YouTube channels but these are my current favorites. There is a trend with them in that most are technical. As soon as any of these producers publish a video I watch it straight away. It is rare for any of them to produce a dull\boring video. So, in summary to make my list the channel must:

  1. Have interesting technical content delivered by people who really know their stuff
  2. Be funny but not slapstick
  3. Regular output
  4. Most importantly the producer does not have a hidden agenda like been the face of some marketing machine

1. Bigclivedotcom

Top of my list is bigclivedotcom. A lot of stuff gets taken to bits on this channel. However, it is not a case of just breaking things. Clive explains how things work in great detail. Lots of humor too as a lot of the stuff he works on is cheap and nasty from China, I reckon he would do 10 times more videos if he could get Aliexpress to deliver to the Isle of Man. I wish they thought electronics in the way Clive explains things.

2. Techmoan

Number 2 in my list is Techmon. Its is another electronics focused channel but rather than take things to bits the producer focuses on reviews. What makes him really interesting is the fact that a lot of the reviews are on vintage tech that he picks up on eBay. Also has an interest in dashcams and wearable cameras. If you have never watched one of his videos, check out the vintage review stuff first.

Techmon YouTube Channel
Ashens YouTube Channel

3. Ashens

This is a lot more random than the previous two. Ashens does a lot of product reviews, usually cheap random tat from pound world. Other times he is taste testing some awful stuff, usually weird canned food. While this does not sound interesting, it is the way he explains things with some great humor.  His famous brown couch makes an appearance in most videos.

4. South Main Auto Repair

Moving away from gadgets\electronics and onto cars. Love the way this guy from South Main Auto Repair explains how to fix car stuff. Not just nuts and bolts but also great detail around electronics diagnostics. Took him up on his tag line of “if I can do it you can” and I have started to do a lot more car repair myself.

South Main Auto Repair YouTube Channel

5. Harrys Garage

The last channel to make up my top 5 is Harrys Garage. Mostly focused on his classic car collection. What makes it interesting is the detailed knowledge he has on cars. The channel is not all “look at me in my flashy cars”, its more a man and his love for great engineering.