A reminder as to why you should rank in Google

If you create any sort of blog content then you should be aware of Google ranking and how to get your content to rank better. Web content is created for lots of reasons including; email campaigns, sharing on social media, feed for news outlets and Google ranking.

No matter what reason you have for creating blog posts you should always factor in Google ranking. Google ranking is where your content appears in the Google search results if someone searches for a keyword which is connected to your content. Google likes content which is well structured and focuses on a particular subject. It knows what people like to read so creating content that ranks well will mean that your content also looks good to visitors to your blog.

The main things that Google look out for when looking at blog posts and other content are:

  1. Does the content deal with a specific subject
  2. Are pictures in the post relevant
  3. Does the post title summarize what the post is about
  4. Are there links within the post to other relevant articles
  5. Do paragraph headings break down the subject into logical sections
  6. Is there a decent amount of content in the piece (700+ words)

If you follow the steps above then your blog posts will look good for your readers and for Google search. Getting content to rank in Google is also known as SEO (search engine optimization). SEO can come across as complicated and many companies exist that sell products which are supposed to help with SEO but a lot of stuff in this space is a waste of time. All you need to worry about is to create content that people are interested in and make sure it is structured correctly.

Am I an SEO expert?

The short answer is no, I just produce content for my work blog on netfort.com. What I do is create around 2 posts per month on specific subjects like Ransomware detection (an information technology issue). When I compare my blog visitor numbers from this year (Jan to Oct)  to last year I have over a 445% increase in blog traffic.

blog visitor numbers

To achieve this growth all I did was to produce regular posts and made sure they were readable and Google friendly. Once I published my posts I also completed the following tasks.

  1. Submit the articles to Google using the Search Console tool
  2. Submit the articles to Bing Webmaster Tools
  3. Post link on Twitter
  4. Post link on relevant pages on Facebook
  5. Post link on G+
  6. Post link on LinkedIn

The most important steps are 1 and 2 from the list above. Make sure the search engines are aware that you have published new content.