Google Analytics for Beginners

Website audience reports overview

How to set up Goals in Google Analytics

How to track a marketing campaign

Tracking campaigns with Google URL Builder

Traffic acquisition reports overview

Google Analytics for Beginners Wrap-Up

How to use Google Analytics with AdWords

How to create a measurement plan

Categorizing data into users and sessions

Storing data to generate reports quickly

Transforming data using configuration rules

How Google Analytics collects data

Managing multiple accounts or properties

How to set up event tracking

How to set up advanced filters on views

How to set up Internal Site Search

How to set up Calculated Metrics

How to set up Custom Dimensions

How to set up Custom Metrics

How to set up Channel Groupings

How to set up Content Groupings

How to set up Enhanced Ecommerce

How to set up User ID

How to set up Data Import

Filter settings in the segment creator

Introduction to segmentation

Using Multi-Channel Funnel reports for analysis

Introduction to remarketing

Introduction to Dynamic Remarketing

Google Analytics Course conclusion